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Nassyam Basha is a Database Administrator. He is a post graduate who holds a master’s degree in Computer Applications from the University of Madras. He started practicing with dBase and FoxPro, and has participated in several projects with FoxPro and Oracle database knowledge starting from Oracle 7. He is an Oracle 11g Certified Professional having good knowledge in Oracle technologies such as Data Guard, RMAN, RAC, and performance tuning. He has completed more than 90 Data Guard setups on all platforms, from RAC to non-RAC and successful cluster migrations with switchovers and failovers for many business-critical production databases with major Data Guard-related issues. He actively participates in Oracle-related forums such as OTN, having 9000+ posts, using the profile ( and also contributed in Oracle-Lists. He maintains an Oracle technology-related blog, ( and he is reachable at [email protected].

Oracle Certifications
Oracle Certificates
Oraworld-team Manager/Member
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Oracle Guru

I’m frequent contributor of including My Oracle support community, Recently after the merge of OTN and Community, based on the contribution Oracle Support awarded with Oracle Guru and received certificate from Director Social Service Innovation – My Oracle Support Community. My handle is CKPT

Authored Books

Emre Baransel and Myself authored book on Oracle 11gR2 Data Guard administrator’s Guide for PACKT publications.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Configuring the Oracle Data Guard Physical Standby Database
  • Chapter 3: Configuring Oracle Data Guard Logical Standby Database
  • Chapter 4: Oracle Data Guard Broker
  • Chapter 5: Data Guard Protection Modes
  • Chapter 6: Data Guard Role Transitions
  • Chapter 7: Active Data Guard, Snapshot Standby, and Advanced Techniques
  • Chapter 8: Integrating Data Guard with the Complete Oracle Environment
  • Chapter 9: Data Guard Configuration Patching
  • Chapter 10: Common Data Guard Issues
  • Chapter 11: Data Guard Best Practices

Interview with PACKT Publications:  Nassyam Basha

You can find from   Direct Link from PACKT  Amazon

OTN Articles:

Co-authored article “An Insight into Oracle Flex ASM and Its Benefits” and published in OTN website here to view OTN article.

There is a law written somewhere in the universe that says the day your standby’s config diverges from your primary is the day you will need to failover. Better hope such divergence doesn’t hurt the end user experience now that they are using the standby. 🙂