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Do you think better to disable auto startup of EM(12c)?

By March 6, 2015October 7th, 2016No Comments3 min read

Disable of auto startup of EM(12c)

After the installation of the EM12c( in my case), auto start will be enabled by default. I questioned my self is it really good? I feel it has to be organized or disable auto startup of OMS.  I have faced couple of issues with auto statup and they are

1) Reboot – System hangs

In fact in realtime systems we won’t reboot until unless there is any maintenance, Lets’ talk about our test machines and i feel we get much experience with test machines we do testings in N-way 😉

When we initiate reboot, well shutdown will go smooth but  it never comes up and hangs at “Starting Oracle enterprise Linux 6…. ” so on… what is your turn? can you fix anything here being DBA ? not as SA 🙂  You will try to restart several times? If still no luck what you will do? Finally you have to do something from Linux by super user and fix and then you prefer to review why it hangs..    But it is something blame on SA as issue from OS?  To confirm yes or no you may have to do few tests (by Virtual machine snapshots, go back and then disable auto startup and then retry).

2) Takes long time

if you have already installed many features and the startup elapsed time will indeed increases and on top of that OMS startup? it is more time. but what i feel is it takes much time in booting rather than you start in manual. (i don’t have reason why). Ok let’s suppose you are compromised with the extra time to start OMS during startup of system, then again you have to manually start database.

3) Startup scripts are not organized.

To avoid 2nd above case i’ve mentioned you have to manage the autostartup scripts in organized, like adding/moving up the database, listener startup scripts and then OMS so on.

Instead of all above concern i feel, it is better to disable autostartup, let system available first and still you can create a manual script which initiates startup of each service in order.

Many times i have faced this issue(slow startup of system) with grid control 11.1 and also Cloud control 12.1 as well, So i wanted to write a short blog which helps in disabling auto startup which helps others and also to me  😉

Disabling Auto Startup of OMS:

The key script which stars the OMS is “gcstartup” which located under “/etc/init.d”, It calls and initiates startup of  OMS & Agent.

1) OMS


2) Agent




If we you do not want let Linux to startup OMS at the time of boot you can simply rename the file “/etc/oragchomelist” to any other name and it will do your job fulfill.

In my case after changing as expected my system comes up and later i able to start OMS. So think more times if you preferring auto startup of OMS. Finally am not saying its bad any way 🙂


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