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I’m Newbie to Global Data Services, Where to start?

By October 30, 2016No Comments2 min read

I’m Newbie to Global Data Services, Where to start?

Oracle introduced new product to manage Global Data Services from 12c as one of new features and at the same time is not familiar and also many customers are not using either. However down the line am sure many of the customers will prefer to use global data services instead of local services in highly replicated environments such as Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle Data Guard(ADG) in use. There might be many questions such as, am using and managing services(local) already but why i have to go for Global data services?   where it be useful for me? how to configure? how to manage? what are the pros and cons? so on… Based on these i have wrote set of articles purely on Global Data Services starting from introduction until troubleshooting and various other scenarios. Let’s start in ascending order from where to start if you are newbie. 🙂

  1. ABC’s of Global Data Services – 12c []
  2. Installing, configuring and getting started with GDS – 12c []
  3. Managing Global Data Services and Failover Test – GDS 12c []
  4. Configuring database role based Global services – 12c []
  5. Configuring GDS with Replication Friendly – 12c []
  6. Migrating your GDS catalog database to new server – 12c  []
  7. Troubleshooting of GSM/GDS – 12c []

By the above set of articles am sure newbie can turn out with overall knowledge to understand thoroughly. I will keep adding the upcoming articles if any. As always please let me know if you are something wanted to know more about it. 🙂

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