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My ACE Director Journey

By December 9, 2015October 7th, 2016No Comments11 min read

Nassyam ACE Director Journey

I started writing this blog post in the month of July but due to severe continuous hosting issues and i didn’t got chance to finish it up early. Apologies for the delay from my end as i promised “my ACED journey” blog post will be available soon. 

In the month of March, after discussing with my sweet nominators, finally submitted ACE Director form to ACE program and after the long wait after three months i have received email from Vikki on Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 2:31 AM with subject “Oracle ACE Director acceptance – NB” and i saw email in my early morning around 5:30 AM and i had to read email couple of times as am still in sleep and to ensure what am reading is correct. 😉 “In this world…Achievement may be same or similar but the way you achieved it is always unique“, so i would like to share my jounrey how i achieved ACE Director Status.

OTN Forums

My first step in community started with “OTN Community” formerly “OTN forums”, No Person by birth is expert.. isn’t it? Likewise in my initial days of DBA, i stuck with few issues and i decided they are out of scope to me, then started searching in Google to check if any solutions available and certainly i found few questions and answers from OTN, So as i have already have my account i did posted a question. I have received very nice response and one person worked closely with me until the issue and resolved, he is Chinar Aliyev. Am really surprised with his approach and i was thinking few times why he spent lot of time for free where there is no place for “FREE” in this world. Indeed i want to become such a person who can resolve the issues and learn the concepts around the world which is posisble only by OTN Community. Here my actual journey started and day to day interation with


Do you think my posts are accurate? or my own? During initial days? Not all the time… When someone posted.. If i know i used to reply (or) i tried to get the correct reference links so that it will be useful. In that process i started reading things parallely. Then i have realized “I work in very limited environment and there is no scope that we will get chance to work on all technologies… No guarantee right?”, so why i can’t i learn from others? probably am working only on 10g database with small environment but others working in 11g, some others working on RAC and many issues, some others working on different OS, some other working on Golden gate..bla bla…. Finally i have come to the conclusion that OTN is a great source for sure. Hence started spending time with OTN irrespective of day and night. Sometimes in a day 14-16 hours online and answering from office, in bus while coming to home, during walking, while mid nights and even while am in rest rooms(am serious), At one stage i have habited a lot and worried myself what happened to me? If i have scheduled to meet with friends during weekends still i never stopped…. Few of them said “If you want to spend time with us, Please stop doing it“, i hope you can sense the frustration.. LOL 😉  At the same time i was working with several Data Guard projects and hence i have started contributing more in High Availability / Data Guard spaces. Indeed learned many things from my mistakes and i have improved my network same time a lot. There is always fun in OTN community with argues few times 😉 Some time good, bad and ugly and very very funny as well.


During marvelous time with OTN, mean while i have shown my interest by writing articles/blog posts in my blog. I took almost few months to pick website name and finally launched with the name, the concept to pick this website name is, I wanted to have “Oracle” word + any other word, Finally i have come up with CKPT as its a major and mandatory background process and decided to fix the website name as, Initially posted few articles on Grid control, Agent installations in the year 2011 and later most of the articles on Data Guard with the real time issues i have faced and more into troubleshooting factor. So far the age of my website is 4.6 months and the hits recorded with the count of “1177589” and indeed received enermous response with comments and views. Am really happy as i wrote less article but still i have written based on the issue where Oracle users facing those issues very common.

My website

Being Author

As am already contributed much into Oracle forums and blogging of Data Guard/HA space and indeed many of them started recognizing me, in this process a well named Data Guard Expert Emre Baransel and he contacted me @Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 1:07 PM that he is looking for co-author who can judge the book well, I asked many questions to Emre as i have no experience being Author so far, Finally with his support and motivation and indeed i have accepted to be co-author with him and the title of book is “Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 Begninners Guide” and we have great team of authors, reviewers and editors. The reviewers of the book are DBA of the year, ACE Director and dearest Syed Jaffar Hussain ACE Director, OCM, Joel Perez  ACE Director, OCM  and Oracle generalist Micheal Seberg who is frequent writer at Oracle Forums and contributed many articles/blog posts in his blog. All reviweres and Editors privided valuable comments and edits for an awesome book for beginners who are looking for step by step approach. Finally this book is out in June 2013. 🙂  and it was pride day for me as authoring was my out of scope but with the God’s Grace i have got chance very early and finished up nicely after all 8-9 months of hardwork. Each chapter we have spent time by practicing 2-3 times to ensure we are delivering accurate and provided our findings and in depth information as well.


Well received book finally, received many honest comments from Linkedin, Emails, websites and few them are below. You can check the book and the reviews from Amazon too.

i’m reading your dataguard book, its very sweet, simple, systematic to grasp i have ever read about dataguard.

I finished reading your book Oracle DG 11gR2 few days back, so just wanted to let you know, its very nice, will written and easy to understand. Real world example are awesome. I liked chapter 10 and 11 covering common issues and best practices. Nice work 🙂

Frist of all i am studying your book, i would like to appreaciate the content very well written, i am going through your book on Data Guard, you are Guru in it


As we know in the yearly days of 2014, Oracle Community introduced many changes and Merged with My Oracle Support community, MOSC identified the OTN members who are communicated and based on the status i have Oracle provided certificates and i have recieved “Oracle GURU” from My Oracle Support Community. I can say its an another milestone in my life, After that i have attended My Oracle Support usability tests and joined as Customer Advisory Board member and provided my thoughts and ideas to develop My Oracle Support Community.



Orawold Team & OTN Articles

Well, i never stopped my journey and everytime whenever i achieve a milestone, i never look back and climbing and still, In the next level i have started writing OTN articles with other Authors YV Ravi Kumar OCM and Recent ACE, Deiby Gomez OCM and Recent ACE Director, David Siqueira ACE, Alex Zaballa OCM and Recent ACE Director together wrote OTN articles in English, Portuguese, Spanish languages and finally we have started Oraworld Team with the 5 members in the year of February 2014. Every member have contributed with many articles and published through OTN in various langauges and I have promoted Dr. Mohamed Houri PhD Tuning Expert and Recent ACE and he written beautiful articles in tuning for OTN and you can find them here and take a look of our team in below picture and do not forget to like our Facebook page.


Public Appearances / Speaker


I was aware of Oracle conferences but i have started attending and following the events from the year 2012 with the SANGAM12 of AIOUG and the Guest speakers were Thomos Kyte, Graham woods, Andrew Holdsworth with the Full day ‘Real World Performance’ seminars and also there were many other Speakers with Oracle ACE/ACED, Oak Table members as well. Here are other key speakers. Indeed it was great team of AIOUG Murali, Satyendra, Sai Ram and many including Volunteers with the great success.


Apart from the SANGAM12 appearance, i have also atteended OTN Tour 2013 and also AIOUG tech day of 2013 as attendee.

OTN Yathra 2014

With the inspiration of SANGAM12 and other conferences, i have started my walk as speaker to the conferences. The first session i have given in OTN Yathra(OTN TOUR) in the year 2013 and got great chance to share the stage with world class experts. For more details check URL.

Event               : OTN Yathra 2014
Session            : 12c Data Guard New features
Date                 : 22nd February 2014

It was my first experience and it was indeed nervous journey for me and never easy.

Oraworld Team – Webinar

As i mentioned above offers free webinars and chance to give a sessions.

Event               :
Session            : 12c Data Guard – Far Sync and Whats New
Date                 : 14th July 2014

AIOUG Tech Day

AIOUG conducts annual event called SANGAM, apart from that yearly once Tech Days will be held in Metro cities of India. I have participated in Hyderabad and the venue was too big with 300-400 capacity of attendees and record breaking attendees ever seen in such events. For More details check URL.

Event               : AIOUG Tech Day – Hyderabad
Session            : 12c Data Guard New features
Date                 : 23rd August 2014


With the experience of OTN Tour and Tech Days, i have got confidence in my bank but again the SANGAM event is the India’s Grand event and i can say it was a great opportunity for me. Definitely i have improved much and got good response, i can see many questions from the attendees and their encouragement was extreme.

Event               : SANGAM14
Session            : 12c Data Guard New features
Date                 : 23rd August 2014


I have given the second webinar in the same year 2014 through IOUG & Oracle 12c SIG(LinkedIn Group).

Event               : IOUG
Session            : 12c Data Guard – Far Sync and Whats New
Date                 : 18th December 2014

AIOUG Chennai Chapter

I have never stopped, Actively appearing in any event from India and i was enjoying every moment of it and gathered lot of energy and confidence with me.  AIOUG introduced the concept of Chapter like North India, Chennai, Hyderabad so on. I have attended the event as a key speaker and the innaguration was impressive and event is held at DTCC, the facilities and arrangements were pretty cool arranged by Hariharaputharan/DTCC.

Event               : AIOUG Chennai Chapter
Session            : Rolling Upgrades – Minimum Downtime 11g & 12c
Date                 : 20th December 2014

OTN Yathra 2015

I have attended Third OTN Tour in a row, Am speaker for last 2 years. In 2015 i have given two sessions and it’s all about High Availability. I have presented session “Under the Hood of Active Data Guard” with demo on how block reocvery works and many other configurations we have to take care in case of Active Data Guard. I can say this session was my best so far.

Event               : OTN Yathra 2015
Session            : Under the Hood Of Active Data Guard & Oracle Database & High Availability
Date                 : February 2015



In a row, again i got opportunity to speak in the grand event of India from AIOUG, So happy with the session on response from the attendees and many many questions and the topic of the session is Troubleshooting Data Guard.

Event               : SANGAM15 – AIOUG
Session            : The Art of Handling Data Guard Encounters
Date                 : October 2015

By 2015 wrap up i have attend the Global grant event i.e. OOW15 first time in my life but not as speaker 🙂 I hope next year it will be.


To be frank, i do not know about OCM when i have started my career. While am working with Oracle community and met with many professionals and achievements and later i came to know about OCM and how big credentials they are. OCM exam was never an easy one, its challenging and we can learn how time is important and crucial 😉  I have 11g OCM and looking ahead to upgrade to OCM 12c soon. BTW i have below certifications in my bag.


  • Oracle 11g Certified Master
  • Oracle Exadata Implementation Certified Specialist
  • Oracle 11g Certified Professional
  • Oracle 10g Certified Professional
  • Oracle 10g Certified Associate
  • Oracle Partner Certified Specialist.


Few other

Apart from above contributions of Oracle Community i have particiapted and joined in User groups as member in AIOUG, IOUG, AZEROUG, TROUG and also initiated own LinkedIn group “Oracle 12c Data Guard” and actively participated in Beta Participation(Certiifcations) and much more.

We are at the End

Sorry if i have troubled you with big blog post? I hope you have read it completely 🙂 To be frank as of now am at beginning stage of my Journey and looking ahead to actively participate in User goups with the concept of “SHARE & GAIN Knowledge” and looking ahead to share my experience with the articles and blog posts from my website as well.